We bring people together to think creatively about building better human experiences. We believe that fresh, curated perspectives, deliberate process, and tools are fundamental to helping teams think up.  Combining creativity with human understanding, our approach carefully considers the context, the most appropriate techniques, activities and stimulus to solve challenges with collective intelligence.

Our Beliefs


We are passionate about nurturing creative imagination with catalyst  creativity techniques

When a situation requires creative thinking, teams increasingly turn to group processes involving brainstorming, however outputs may be disappointing if  each individual’s creative potential is not activated.

Taking inspiration from the creator of brainstorming, Alex Osborn, and recent  studies on effective group and individual creativity methods, we explore how process, framing, filters, and environment help overcome the roadblocks to creativity.


Understanding more about ourselves and others better equips teams to solve problems creatively

The combined thinking energy of a team united in one purpose is more potent than the individual efforts of many people.  The FourSight® Thinking Profile reveals our own level of preference for each of the four types of thinking involved in creative problem solving – clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing.  Knowing where we gain and lose energy, and appreciating the differences in others, is the foundation for inclusive innovation.

Connecting human
to human

Innovation is about making things work better for people.  It starts with provocative human truths and real stories

We believe in understanding human behaviour deeply. Not vague statements of customer need, but universal truths about what drives us forward, what holds us back, and the everyday lived experiences filled with hope and frustration.

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Our solutions

As creative thinking methodologists with a passion for putting people at the centre of innovation, we look first to understand your goals, team and nature of the challenge, before crafting a solution.
A unique capability we bring is FourSight®, a tool for learning about our own level of preference for each of the four types of thinking – clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing.  FourSight® is based on 60 years of research and decades of field testing, and is used by top companies and universities around the globe.


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Behavioural Insights

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Providing clear processes and tools for behavioral insight and applying these to a live challenge, helped a cross-functional team develop and implement nudge based programs to improve customer experience.


Encouraging an innovation mindset was the focus at a 90 min experiential masterclass on design thinking.


Introducing and customizing an innovation process to pan-regional teams inspired leaders to embrace the new process for client projects.