Our Solutions

As creative thinking methodologists with a passion for putting people at the centre of innovation, we look first to understand your goals, team and nature of the challenge, before crafting a solution.

All of our solutions involve experiential application of tools, triggering shifts in mindset and skills that inculcate creativity in and outside of work.

A tool that we are privileged to introduce to teams is FourSight, a way of thinking about our creative preferences and demystifying the creative process and our part in it.

More humans mastering creative thinking means we will be better equipped to create the future.

Learning Experiences

With learning experiences ranging from a few hours to two days duration, our goal is to turn on an innovation mindset, and build creative confidence.

Our learning experiences draw on the Creative Problem Solving process , FourSight® profiling, which demystifies the creative process, and human centered design.

Applied creativity


In this masterclass participants experience the profound differences in divergent and convergent thinking – the dynamic balance that is the heart of creative thinking, and experience techniques that help overcome blocks to creativity, such as deferring judgement.

Introduction to Creative Problem Solving

2 day program

Creativer offers a two day program that empowers participants to tap into their imagination through a structured approach to creative thinking – the four stage Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. The program focuses primarily on the process and people oriented aspects of creative problem solving.

4 Powered Innovation

2 day program

Think up better as a team with awareness of innovation thinking styles and collective innovative potential

Experience the FourSight® thinking system for innovation and learn about innovation thinking styles. The FourSight® Thinking Profile assessment is a tool for learning about our own level of preference for each of the four types of thinking – clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing. FourSight® measures not whether you’re creative, but how you’re creative.


problem solving workshops

Co-creation, if designed and executed well, results in a richer thought process. Bringing together a group to tackle a challenge can overcome a lot of roadblocks in the workplace. In a workshop setting we use techniques to tap into diverse views and private information. Creating a safe space, engagement increases, skills are elevated and more connections spark fresh ideas.

The purpose of the session may be to build a future vision, to design a new product, or to activate insights for better customer experience. Whatever the purpose, structured process and the skill of a qualified, experienced facilitator make all the difference to the quality of inclusion, the quality of outcomes.

One area of creative thinking that teams can find especially challenging is the generation of new and novel ideas. Sometimes we really need to pull out some new approaches if we are going to help our team truly burst with big ideas – tapping into Creativer’s toolbox of ideation techniques.

Innovation Accelerator

Our approach involves understanding the team’s current environment and culture and using creative thinking to develop a plan to take creativity to the next level. We co-create the vision and goals, constructing a process that works for the team, a set of language, resources and rituals, and working out the steps the team will take to achieve the goals.

The foundations established enable the team to operate at a higher creative calibration, sparking more divergent thinking, cocreation, serendipity!

Depending on your needs, specific deliverables that form part of manifesting innovation process are:

  • Manifesto of innovation principles, values
  • Process map with stages and steps
  • Selection of techniques and tools appropriate to the context
  • Toolkits comprising process, tools, techniques, templates
  • Guides on running co-creation sessions
  • Libraries of stimulus
  • Creation of digital spaces that augment face to face co-creation

Provocative Behavioural Insights

Value creating innovation starts with provocative catalysts for exploring how we can do better for people. We ensure that innovation is human-centered, including working with teams to build skills in behavioural insights, and developing sustained insightfulness.

  • Developing a program of customer immersions for team members to experience first-hand
  • Insights coaching and working with teams to decode information gathered
  • Designing and delivering observations, cultural probes and customer interviews
  • Reviewing existing customer data, reports and secondary research to create insight platforms that can be used in creative problem solving workshops
  • Developing catalyst inspiration boards and materials based on topic themes
  • Preparing insight narratives in the form of  videos, personas and presentations