About creativer

lara truelove

As a consultant, facilitator and marketing professional, Lara values and strives for the power of collective intelligence: when a group of individuals comes together to THINK UP for the benefit of the team.

Lara helps teams to find their creative rhythm. In addition to core Creative Problem Solving method training, Lara helps clients with strategies to build a creative team culture, and facilitates problem solving workshops.

A unique capability that Lara brings to clients is FourSight ® Innovation profiling, a tool that reveals team diversity and enables self-awareness and empathy, helping teams to work better together.

Lara has formally trained in Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. She is accredited in FourSight ® Innovation Mindset, Advanced Creative Problem Solving and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, and is a Member of International Association of Facilitators.